Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's a new semester.

omg I can't believe the last post that I've written was like a month ago....
when I was still on sembreak.
But now I'm on the second week of a whole new semester!!!! Woohoo!

It's been a reallyyyyyy hectic 2 weeks.
I mean seriously, seriously, seriously hectic.

The first week is always all about the student bazaar.
Being the only one who lives at home and drives to school in our committee, I have to basically move my kitchen to school.
I skipped a class just to prepare things.
This is how desperate is our society.....

This week I'm always home after 10.
Most of the time 12. 
Why 12? Because our school's curfew is 12am.

I was celebrating a Japanese friend's birthday on Monday.
I was rushing a work yesterday.
There's a thing called "My Dynamic Campus" in our school, basically is a performance day.
I went there as an audience of course, to support my Japanese friends.

Tomorrow is our hi-bye party of the semester, I'm going to home late too.

I'm so damn tired. It's 1:47am now by the way.

I have a lot of positions now lol.
I'm the president of DOE,
the director of a drama which we will put it together on stage in this sem,
and assistant language teacher of the Korean Culture Club's classes.

I'm only the basic's class'.
There's another guy who is so much more better than me in the advanced class.
But I don't think I'm able to handle the advanced class though hahaha.
So I'm only going to help out in the basic class.
Which....... I think may be too basic to me too. hahahaha!
The president was skeptical when he wanted me.
Because he said I'm more than the basic class, but there's no one else who know Korean, that's why I get the job.

I'm actually not that good in Korean though.
I can write, but I can't speak well.
I'm so much better in writing than speaking. I can express better and grammatically correct in writing than speaking.
This is weird but this is how I am lol.
Because I'm always texting Koreans, not speaking.
I get nervous when I'm around Korean hahaha.

Drama. Yes it is a stage drama but not musical.
We suggested High School Musical lol.
I can write the script in 1 day.
But apparently our teacher doesn't like it hahaha, she didn't use it.
I don't know am I capable to be the director.
I'm not even sure if I'm suitable to be the president of DOE.....

But I'll do my best.
Try to get everything in place and done well.

It's 1:54am now.


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