Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Sometimes I'm thinking.....
Am I the only one who's holding on....?

I do cherish every relationship I have. 
Especially you guys. 
You guys are special, we were special. 

But as the time goes by, things changed. 
I hate changes. 
But we can't stop the changes...right?
I think I just accept the truth. 

I do feel guilty sometimes. When I'm very happy or close with my friends in school.
I felt like I deserted you guys. I felt like I'm growing distant with you guys. 
And the truth is, yes I did....

Being someone who's never take the courage to go and contact you guys, it's hard. 
I always be like the usual me when I'm around you, but you're not the same anymore. 
It's like I've been at the same place for so long, yet you had moved on. 
Like I'm the only one who wants to hold on the past. 

I don't know how to react. I became afraid to read your messages. What if I say the wrong things again? What if I do something wrong again? I'm afraid....

We never been the kind of friends who can really say the true feeling towards each other from the bottom of heart. 
We always escape. We run away. 

I thought we will be good for the rest of our lives. I thought we're good. 
I thought. 

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