Monday, July 4, 2016


Only come back to here when I'm feeling negative.

It's the time again.
I feel like I'm hated by the whole world.
How I wish I could just dig a hole that's deep enough to hide me for the rest of my life.
Or I just get into a car accident and just let me die.
Oh God, please take me.

This happens when I'm deep deep deep in negativity.
Everything around me seemed so depressed. 
I'm depressed.
I started to talk so much lesser.

I'm the kind who never take the initiative to go and ask what's wrong.
So bad. Bad.

Because I don't dare to face the truth.
It's been so long, I've lived 21 years and a half, yet I'm still the kind who always run away.
I'm so afraid.
What if after I ask, we argue?
What if all happens because of me?

I've been through so many times.
It's enough.

I started to be quiet when things happen.
I know this is bad, but I can't do anything else.


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