Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's July!

Hihihi I'm finally back! 
It's been a chaotic month to me!!!!

First and foremost, I'm so happy to say the my drama finally ended T.T
OMG I can't even describe how my feeling was T.T

When I heard the very last line from my actor, goosebumps went over my body.
I was busying gather everyone behind the curtain for the curtain bow, so I wasn't paying attention to them in front.
But when I heard that line, omg....
Then we open the curtain, I led the team to bow, and it all ended there....

 We spent 14 weeks to make this happen.
We went through a lot of things.
I changed my leads, my team member's job.
I literally threw one member away. I wanted him to fail.
After all he did to us.
Absence to rehearsals even wayyy before the rehearsal, when we were doing the scripts.
Giving excuses, not paying attention at all to us.
We spend few weeks time practicing the same scenes again and again.
After I changed the lead, everything seems going smoothly.

Just when I thought everything was okay, we had some fights again.
But thankfully everything has ended.
There's still some mistakes and regrets in the show, but hey, I knew they gave their best out there.

14 weeks of effort has turned into an 1.5 hour show on stage.
And we have to be proud of it.
I really hope that's something worthy to stay in the history of DOE.

 This was from the rehearsal the day before, and basically this is the whole cast.
And the whole DOE hahaha!

 I made a little ending credit video to play at the end. 
I made everyone stayed to watch this, but it's only 1 minute long lololol.
I think this is important because it credits the cast.
We spent so many time on this, I can't let them just go on stage for few minutes and nothing else.
So I made this! Very short haha. 
We have picture on because we are the leading team and we hold important positions.
I hope you can watch this because I uploaded this on YouTube but set it on private, not sure if everyone can see it. *fingers crossed*

I also met up with my favourite people in the world on last Friday (15-7-2016).
 Look at my fucking sweat.

We actually celebrated Esther's birthday one month in advanced!!! Hahahahaha
It's so crazy I never celebrate someone's birthday so early!!!

Ms Mong wrapped the flowers omg. She's so good at this kind of thing and it saved us a lot of money. Like seriously a lot.

Despite everything, I seriously love this group of people. 
I have so many things to confessed to Esther lol.
Wait for my letter lololol.
I find myself always confessed to people when it's their birthday.
Like hey today's your birthday so you have to forgive me lol.
Like new year or whatsoever.

Everyone had gotten slimmer and slimmer and here I am still fat like hell.

We said a lot of ghost stories that day, and it freaked me and Tang Tang out since we're the most cowards here.

And I love everyone's reaction when I tell them what happened to my bro lol.
I get the same face and reaction all the time!

And omg, our topics get more and more mature every time!

I'm happy we're still together for another year.
6 years since form 4 when all 5 of us in the same class.
Eunice and Esther, 8 years.
And we're still counting.
I'm so afraid that I'll lose all of you.
Thank you for still being together.

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