Thursday, August 4, 2016

I feel old.

Ugh there's so many things make me feel old.
I started to think my body has slowed down, unlike how I was wayyyy back then.

Randomly came across an article on high school musical, Troy Bolton's graduation speech.
So reading it made me tear a little, but I found the video on YouTube, and it's a huge breakdown lol.

Ugh here I am with my HSM story again.
2 more months to the 8 years anniversary of HSM 3.
I cannot describe how important is the series to me.
I cannot explain why I started to cry like someone dead when I was just trying to find some HSM quotes.
Things like this always make me wanted to have a HSM marathon again.

HSM is the best thing happened in my life.
I will never let it go.
I always identified myself as one of the wildcats.
So if someone yell "what team?", no matter where I am or how old I am,
I would definitely yell back "Wildcats!"
And I'll never forget,
once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

Now I'm on sembreak, and I started Korean drama marathon lol.
Started with Doctors, because I love doctors story,
and because it's the one with the most episodes out now, so I figure I don't have to wait for a long time.
But I finished 12 episodes in 2 days, and I just finished the remained 2 episodes....
So here comes the waiting...........
But I'm so obsessed with the show!
I like the setting of both male leads.
Dr Hong is mature, but a little cute underneath. I like how when he's speaking to Hye Jung.
But Dr Jung is so serious at work and to Soo Wu, but so gentle to Hye Jung lol.
每看一部韓劇就要發花癡一次 哈哈哈哈哈

I think my tears finally stopped lollll.
HSM songs still playing at the background though.

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