Tuesday, December 20, 2016

AKMU studio in SG 9/12/2016.

So! It's been 1 week since I got back from AKMU concert.
It was so amazing, so tiring, but so worth it.
I really do think $192 worth every penny of it!

We went in Singapore and got out of Stadium mrt station at around 4something or 5.
So we had dinner first.
Literally one of the worst meal I've ever had.
I'm not very picky when it comes to Chinese food, I'm really not.
This is a braised meal set from a Taiwanese restaurant in Kallang Wave.
It's awful.
The greasiness, ugh.
I managed to stuff all of them in because I knew I wouldn't eat anything until I got back to Malaysia.
But the greasiness, ugh.
I had to buy coffee to flush down the greasiness.
And there's one funny thing, I searched wifi, and found one with their shop name.
So I asked the waitress, "do you have wifi here?"
"Wifi? No."
lolol rejected.

 Went ahead to have coffee, trying to sneak wifi too. 
But turned out they don't have wifi 😂
But there's one OCBC bank wifi that we can connect for free for 24 hours.
Finally got connected after few hours.

There were 2 events going on actually, free signed poster and group photograph.
Oh I realized I haven't checked are the photos released, hang on.
They uploaded!!!!!!! ok wait wait will post it.

Erm so, until D-day, the winners weren't announced.
I was angry af because how could they!
They usually announced the winners one day before, and I checked every sns, no results.
So I finally got the chance to check and dang I didn't win the posters :(
But the photographs winners would be announced after the concert.

So, finally went in at like 7.

Started 7:35 or something, so damn freaking excited when they came out!!!!!
omg I can still remember the excitements!!!!!!
I couldn't remember every song they sang, but I remember how amazing were they and how amazed was I.
I still remember how the goosebumps just all came up when the screen was rolled up and they said "what's up Singapore!"
I was literally starstruck, and couldn't believe I'm seeing them live.
I was like watching YouTube videos. 
I couldn't believe it. 
The "melted" that they sang, is the best version of all.
I've seen some live performance on YouTube, but dang,
The emotion omg. The audience kept quiet and I was so immersed in the song.
Knowing the lyrics definitely made me wanna cry when I heard them singing it live.

The support team gave us blue light sticks, and I was shaking it like crazy lol
But when I saw around, there weren't many people as high as me.
I was high af.
I didn't take a lot of photos, I just wanna remember the moment that they are standing right in front of me.
My cousin took some, but the phone camera didn't do the justice; they were nearer to us than it appeared in the photos.
The lighting problem also, the reason why we didn't take much photos.

We were happy af because Chanhyuk looked at our area so many times!
He kept standing at our direction and looked at us.
Happy as fuck.
Didn't know he can sing so well, I was wrong.
He had the charisma that the YG family had hahahaha.
Soohyun, dang this girl has gifted voice!!!!!
At one point I was wondering, are they singing live or am I watching YouTube videos?
Because they sang so wellllll!!!!!!!

I didn't know the song 200% could be so high until that day.
They came out from nowhere and everyone was so excited because they were walking into the audiences!
Everyone was basically shouting when singing 200%!

During the interview session, the emcee Dee Kosh, btw YouTuber!
I saw him appeared in SG YouTube channel NOC! hahahaha he's funny af
Anyway he said we can request songs!
Everyone was shouting, then the oppa Chanhyuk pointed at the people literally one row in front of us! 
Because they were holding banners, oppa noticed them a lot, he said.
But they were in shock, and couldn't say anything! so sad......
So oppa wrapped up the situation........
We wanted them to sing ugly/unpretty so much! I heard a lot of shouting hahahaha
So sad couldn't hear it live.......

So after the concert, they announced everyone in CAT 1that had red stars chopped can take photo with them!!!
Everyone were shouting lol. Literally everyone hahahaha I guess all CAT1 got the chance.
We spent $192 after all hahahaha
Mah lucky star!!!

So we're at the first of our group, we both were so desperate wanting to go toilet hahahahaa
I thought we could stand wherever we want since we were the first.
But we got pushed to the corner....... T.T
I wanted to say "you're pretty" to Suhyun! T.T
Far as galaxy but hey!!!! We're in the same picture!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

So we went home and arrived in Malaysia at 12am sharp lololol.

Went back and uploaded a video, and wrote a long long post in Korean since I'm still high hahahaaha! Not going to translate it though.

There's one thing that I'm sad, that is the duo asked how did we know them?
Because there's leftover tickets?
Because they're from YG?
Because of Bigbang?
I'm so sad because they asked this in Taiwan too.
I shook my head with the best I could and a lot of us shouted "Kpop star"!
They were surprised hahahaah

It's like they don't believe they have fans overseas. 
We love you not because you're from YG, not because of your seniors aka sunbaes,
but YOU. 
Since Kpop star, I found them interesting.
They sang a lot of self composed songs, and the lyrics are fun.
They were so good, I started to love them.
I cried when they sang "officially missing you" because of the pain Soohyun was suffering.
I cried when they won the champion because i prefer them over Bang Yedam, who is also YG trainee now.
 I was happy when they decided to sign to YG. They can make their own music, that's how YG works.
They released first album "Play", I bought them off Taobao hahaha because the receipt could support them.
I replayed the CD so many times that I can remember the sequence of songs.
When Soohyun made sub-unit with Lee Hi, I was happy!
"I'm different" was so fun!
I'm always proud that us the AKMU made Nam JooHyuk famous because he stared in the music videos "200%" and "Give Love".
I love the album "spring".

We love you, because of who you are, and the music you made.
Not because of the others.
I'm grateful that even though they're in YG, they get to release 2 albums in 3 years.
I'm thankful they got a lot of chances.
YG covers, new singles, appearing on Sketchbook.

Now the new album will be releasing in January 2017.
I can't wait for it.
Even though it may be the last before oppa Chanhyuk serves military.

I love AKMU!
악뮤 사랑합니다!!!!

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