Friday, January 6, 2017

My internship

Hihihihih!i! It's 2017 now omg.  一眨眼時間就過了  哎喲 我都不敢眨眼了呢 科科科.

Anyways, I started my internship at Foon Yew High School! It's crazy, I know. Like to be honest, I never had good feelings towards foon yew students lol. Back then when I was in secondary school, I've encountered so many foon yew students giving us the face, like they're better than us. So I didn't really like them, because of the difference between foon yew and smk. So some around me were surprised when I said I want to go foon yew for this internship lol.

I did struggle, when I finally decided to go for internship this semester. Tuition centers or decent schools. I can find tuition centers easily around me, there are so many in my area, i'm sure i can find one who accepts internship. Or decent school, to have the stress all on me.

Because tuition centers are like supplement aside from school, i can just teach them what they've learnt in school, which means i have a template to go with. But in schools, my output to them is their only input. This has engraved in my mind so hard that I lost sleeps these days lol. 
At the end, i thought decent school is the correct path to apply what i've learnt. That's why i decided to go for foon yew. 

At first we applied for internship, which is 3 months. But coincidentally there's one teacher who is till on maternity leave until around 3 weeks after the school opens. So they wanted us to go teach as well, salary paid of course. oh doing internship in schools have no income at all lol. I don't know why, but heard from some seniors, for those who did in schools, they don't have income. But tuition center does pay, so that's what I was struggling at first too.
After know I have to teach 2 classes for 3 weeks, it was kinda stressful. But then it was okay because it's only 3 weeks, if i really did a bad job, at least their teacher still have time to recover everything and manage to teach them before exam. 
But my senior, who was like God to us, gave me a junior middle 3 class...... and we both will take turns to go in the class. For a good 3 months. Now the stress really come to me. They will have a test after 3 months, which means, whatever I teach, I have to cover everything and i have to prepare them for the exam!!
I got the news on the first day, and I went in the class on the first day, without preparing anything. It was scary.......... 
I couldn't sleep well since Tuesday. I have to prepare what I'm going to teach the next day, and i usually do it really late lol. Then when i finally want to sleep, i was so stressed out that i would think of what should i say in the class tomorrow.....

I'm now teaching 3 classes, 1 class from junior middle 1, 2 and 3. That's actually a lot for me as I never taught before! I don't think any teacher there will have to cover 3 different level lol.

Foon Yew have English class EVERY SINGLE DAY. 7 periods in total in a week!!!!! That's so much when compared with us because we had 5 periods, and only 3 days!
But they have class every day!!! That's why I'm so stressed out!!! I have to think what I have to teach every single day. 

And Foon Yew campus at stulang laut is huge af. I walked so much, climbed so much stairs every day now, and my feet are constantly in pain. One class is at 3rd floor, one is at a far building at 4th floor, and another one is at even further building at 3rd floor. Walking from carpark to the office is a full 10 minutes walk, including tons of stairs, a full basketball court to walk across. Going to canteen is almost 5 minutes walk again including the freaking basketball court and stairsssss. My feet are sore not because of walking, like seriously walking for 10 minutes is okay to me. But the STAIRS. So MANY STAIRS.
And my throat is sore from the first class. I have to be loud enough for the class to hear, and have to scold them when they're not listening to me lol. I really wanted to be nice and friendly but omg. I scolded a class today so loudly that everyone was in shocked and they just stared at me lol. Junior 3 still can't listen to me omg what can i do. Was so angry and literally 怒火中燒. Threatened them by not letting them off the recces really worked lol 

It's only the first week, and not even finished lol. I still have 3 months to go. Finger crossed that I can go on smoothly and teach well lol. ciaos!

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