Monday, May 22, 2017

Mah uni life is coming to an end...

I've always known that this is my last year in university. But the fact didn't hit me because I was busy with internship earlier this year, and I was adjusting back to the student identity this semester hahahaha.

Until yesterday. It hit me. This is my freaking last year in uni. Every single event that I take part this year is the last year I'm in with the student identity.

The Aichi exchange program for the first. Then it was the Dynamic Campus performance that our school hold every year, it's a time for all the clubs to show what they got and let them shine. This year I went by the representative of the Korean club. I didn't went when I was in foundation. I went last year as the representative of department of English. The next time I go I will be just a public. A nobody.

Ugh it hits me so strong that when I think about my friends. We see each other literally every day, just like kindergarten. (hsm pun lol)  I won't be seeing these people in the future. That really hits me so hard. I'm a very clingy person, while people are excited about graduating and exploring the real world, I'm here like a little kid crying over not be able to see friends that often anymore.

I still can't write well, ugh. I'm still bad at writing. I still think my writing level is at secondary level, it has no improvement at all. That's one thing I feel so sad too. I always have different idea popping out, thus when I was writing assignments, I jumped here and there. I write whatever pops out in my mind, and I don't dare to read it hahahahahahahahaa I can't take it.

The sports day is coming up, and again, for the 4th year in a row, I'm still not taking part in it hahahahah but I'll miss seeing people practicing in different corners in the campus because we have a extremely small campus! Hahahahaha

The next is Jump Party, which is our annual mid-autumn celebration. We're a very Chinese uni as you can see hahahahahaha! We celebrate mid-autumn as a huge festival! This is also the last time I'm going as a student......

I guess the last event of the year is another performance day in October and I can't think of the name right now hahahahaha but anyways.

There're so many events that I can't attend anymore as a student. I'll definitely miss being a student and enjoy all the privileges that a student can have. I'm so scared of the upcoming future and graduating.

I have only literally half year to go.....